Section 8 (HCV) - Applicants and Participants

Vacant Units:

 Licking Metropolitan Housing Authority 
Vacant Unit List
(updated 12.05.16)

The Licking County Coalition for Housing operates a database of landlords who own properties in Licking County. To inquire about Project Homeline and how it may help you find a housing unit, please call the Housing Coalition at (740)345-1970.

Please contact Nikki Brewer with new units.
740-349-8069 ext. 223, Email

Rental Assistance:

The Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 2009:

The Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 2009

The Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 2009 allows tenants who live in foreclosed residential properties to stay in their homes until they are given at least 90 days advance notice to vacate, with the buyer as the new landlord.  Moreover, if the tenant has a current lease, the tenant is entitled to stay until it expires, unless the buyer or some subsequent purchaser intends to move into the home and make it a primary residence-in which case, the tenant still must be given at least 90 days advance notice to vacate before being required to move out.  (To be protected, any lease must be a bona fide lease not made to the mortgagor or the child, spouse, or parent of the mortgagor, made at arms-length, and for fair market rent.) 

The federal law applies to tenants who live in residential properties that are sold at a foreclosure sale on or after the law’s effective date, which was May 20, 2009.   

For more information, please visit   

Tenants who need help in asserting their rights under the new law can get help from the local legal aid program in their area.

Licking Metropolitan Housing Authority Homeownership Program

Have you ever thought about owning your own home?

The Homeownership Program may help you realize your dream of homeownership.  Housing Choice Voucher Program participants can successfully transition from renting to purchasing a home with the assistance of the Licking Metropolitan Housing Authority.

Under the Homeownership Program, LMHA may pay a portion of the monthly mortgage payment instead of paying a portion of rent to an owner.

To be eligible for the Homeownership Program you:

  • Must be a participant of the Housing Choice Voucher Program
  • Must qualify as a first time homebuyer
  • One or more family members must be employed full time with verifiable and continuous employment for the last year, working no less than 30 hours per week.
  • Must have a total annual gross income of at least $13,100.
  • If you are disabled or elderly, the minimum income requirement is equal to the monthly SSI payment times 12.  Welfare assistance is used to determine income requirement.
  • Must attend and satisfactorily complete classes required by LMHA. 
For more information regarding the Homeownership Program,
please contact 740-349-8069 ext. 221



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